"No, that won’t fix it."

Hi everyone! This is my first post here, and it’s from a at least 5-6 years ago. I was working tech support for home phone, internet and TV services and I got a man on the phone (for what it’s worth I’m a woman) who couldn’t connect to the internet from his computer. I ran our tests and confirmed his router was up and running from our end, and he confirmed all necessary lights were lit and flashing as they’re supposed to be on his modem so I thought maybe it was a computer issue. We tested and his computer could ping and all that so I knew it was something going on with his browser. Here is the following conversation, as well as I can remember it.

Me: It looks like everything is checking out the way it should so we’ll need to try something on the browser. I’d like to clear your internet cache and cookies just to test.

Man: No, that won’t fix it.

Me: I understand the concern, but since I can ping your modem and your computer can ping out, we need to try this.

Man: I’m not doing that!

back and forth for a couple minutes

Man: I want to speak to a male supervisor.

Me: tells the customer okay and places him on hold

I call over the supervisor that was there that night, who happened to be a friend of mine and explained the situation.

Supe: takes headset and takes phone of mute

Supe: proceeds to walk the customer through clearing his cache and cookies on his browser

Man: It’s working now, thanks!

Supe: You’re welcome, by the way, what we just did is what my agent was attempting to walk you through doing as well, so not only did you just waste my time, but hers and yours as well. Did you have anything else you needed help with tonight?

Man: hangs up

This is just one story I have from working for that wretched company. I’m so glad I left there!

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