Why do you need to know that information?

I work for a company that rents trucks and equipment. Had an interaction with a very snarky lady I’d like to share. I will be me, caller will be SL (snarky lady).

Me: Thank you for calling [redacted], how may I help you?

SL: I’m looking to get a quote on a truck.

Me: Okay, what’s your phone number?

SL: phone number

Me: Thank you, and your first and last name please?

SL: Umm, why do you need to know that information?

Me: I have to get your contact information to proceed with the quote/reservation.

SL: I’m just looking for a quote, you can’t just give me a quote?

Me: I can, I just have to input this information to get to the next steps.

SL: Umm no, cancel that, I don’t work that way. Bye.

Seriously? Fuck you. Don’t call us if you’re not prepared to cooperate.

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