A threat I’ll never forget. What did he think that was going to accomplish?

Oh boy do I have stories I could share here. So I worked in a call center for a large student loan servicer(not the horrible one in the news that got sued) and I worked the escalation line for about a year and a half (that’s what happens when you want to talk to a “supervisor” or a “manager”)

So this guy gets transferred over to me one day. He’s upset. Of course. He is angry at our company because a payment he scheduled online at our website caused his checking account to overdraft and incur overdraft fees. He wants the fees reimbursed. Now, if the overdraft was our fault i can usually get someone reimbursed fairly easily. This was not however our fault. How do I know this was not our error?

He tells me that he had gone online to schedule a payment over the weekend, he says he knew he had the funds for the payment he authorized with us. What he didn’t have the funds for was another payment for a different bill that he authorized another company to pull from his checking over the weekend as well. He tells me he knew he didn’t have enough for both payments, only ours. You see, he was angry because the other bill pulled first, leaving the bill through us with insufficient funds. He thinks it’s our fault our payment didn’t pull first, he tells me the other bill should have over drafted his account. (…???) I’m like what dude???

So I proceed to tell him that reimbursement is a no go. Then he wants me to bring his account current without payment or any kind of hold. Again, no can do crazy person. He then demands I remove any interest on his loan that may have built during the 1-2 days it’ll take for another payment to go through. Not happening buddy.

At this point he’s yelling. What am I going to do for him to resolve the situation? He demands to know. Well at this point sir since you’ve already denied all the help I have to offer I cannot do anything for you. He then screams “so you’re telling me this isn’t your problem then huh?! Well when I find you in the street and break both your damn legs then it’s gonna be your problem won’t it?!”

I let him know threats won’t be tolerated and I hung up on his stupid self. Have fun finding what street I’m on and thanks for the extra paperwork. Bonus: He called back a few minutes later and got another rep and made a payment with her and she told me he was perfectly pleasant to her. >.<

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