Why can’t I log in my account?

Guy called in about not able to access account. I immediately saw the problem…he had filed a charge back with his bank. Even if it’s a legitimate problem, we close any and all accounts associated with a person who has filed a charge back. (If it’s a legitimate problem, we want them to call us so we can fix it.)

So I advise him of that, and asked what was going on. He said he didn’t receive the services he ordered. “Okay, so I can totally understand why you filed that charge back. I can definitely see about getting this resolved for you, but you would have to reverse that charge back before I can reactivate your account.”

So basically, I told him I could fix it (as in refund or whatever), but he would have to call his bank and tell them to reverse it as we’ve fixed it for him. His reply?

“Well, I had an issue with it, so I don’t want to reverse the charge back.”

Um, okay then. I wanted to help him, but if he didn’t want my help and just go with the “bank’s help”, there’s nothing I can do. Well, I mean I could help, but since he wouldn’t reverse the charge back, his account would still be closed, so there’s no point.

We’re like any other business. We want to help you and get all your issues resolved, but you have to contact us first, and not go straight to your bank/Paypal/etc.

I’m honestly tired of people. I need like a mental week off =(

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