"I want to talk to tech support!!"

Me: “Thank you for calling Large ISP Tech Support Department! May I please have your name and address so that I can access your account?”

Customer Lady: (Noticibly annoyed) “I want to talk to tech support!!”

Me: (Cheerfully) “I can help you with that! I am in technical support!”

Customer Lady: (Even more exasperated) “I need to talk to a technician!!”

Me: “I am a technician! How can I help you today?”

Customer Lady: ” I need to talk to a TECHNICIAN. On the PHONE!”

Me: “I AM a Technician! And you ARE talking to me on the phone!”

Customer Lady: (Speaking slowly, as if we aren’t both using fluid English during this conversation) “I NEED to talk to a Cable Man!”

Me: “I am a Cable Man!”

Customer Lady: (Sounding confused) “You sound like a girl….?”

Me: “Yes!”

Customer Lady: “……….Oh……”

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