What do you mean? Of course I’m logged into my accoubt!

C: I can’t find the product I want.

M: What was the product code for that one?

C: XXXX, it should be XYZ M: Ok, that one is coming up for me. Are you currently logged into your account?

C: Yes.

I check to see if the product is available to customer’s who are not logged in. It isn’t.

M: Can you please tell me what it says in the top right hand corner of your screen.

C: Sign in / Become a customer

M: Okay, so it sounds like you might not be logged in. Can you please try logging into your account for me

Customer is definately not logged in at this point. Also on the wrong website if the product isn’t coming up in searches.

C: Okay, we are logged in now.

M: Perfect. I’ll get you to try searching for the product again for me.

Customer puts in incorrect product code.

C: That is bringing up STW

M: Try using XXXX for me please. I think you might have the wrong product code.

C: Oh, there it is

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