My two favorite callers…ever!

My two favorite callers from two different jobs.

Caller 1

In the short span I did Fraud/Non-Fraud Claims at the Big Bank, I always dealt with really stupid customers. Non-fraud claims were from customers who didn’t read the fine print on websites and fell for the 9.95 detox cure, didn’t cancel a subscription in time, or didn’t cancel or show up for a hotel reservation.

This caller did just that…didn’t cancel a hotel room in time. Just after I went into my usual “sorry ma’am, you didn’t cancel and the hotel has the right to charge you…” speech, she laid down info that prove she KNEW exactly what she was talking about.

Me: “Ma’am, since you didn’t cancel, the hotel has a right to charge you for the first night.”

Caller: “Yes, but under Credit Card’s hotel cancellation policy, the hotel’s fine print had to have been clearly stated on the check out page with the exact time by when to cancel without any charge and it cannot make the customer do any additional clicks or find the info on any additional pages. The hotel that I booked didn’t show any of that info especially the time when I had to cancel at the check out page.”

Me: Really? Do you have a link for that info?

Caller: “Sure do! Its creditcard under hotel reservation polices.”

Me: (goes to the website). “Wow! This is good info, but its not showing me where you found that info.”

Caller: “its under paragraph XX”

Me: (finds paragraph and she was right). “Alright! I’ll file the claim and attach this info with it.”

Her claim was accepted and paid since the hotel did not follow the credit card company’s policy.

Caller 2

At the retirement management company, I spoke with a lot of young clients and encouraged them to put something away for retirement. My go to line was “we cannot assure ourselves that social security will be there when we turn 70, so we have to save now.” That usually convinces them to start saving something.

One young southern girl, though, had figured it out really early! At 22, she had called me to start the rollover process of her previous retirement account.

Caller: “I need to rollover my old retirement account to y’all.”

Me: “Old retirement account? You’re only 22?”

Caller: “Yeah, I’ve been saving for retirement since I started at 17. Lord knows if we’ll have Social Security when we retire, I don’t want to find out the hard way.”

Me: “Okay, how much is in the old account?”

Caller: “About $25k.”

Me: “$25K at 22! Wow! I’ve spoken to people double your age and they haven’t saved anything yet.”

Caller: “Does these people not want to retire?”

Me: “Do you want to come work for us? Maybe you can knock some sense into them!”

I shared her story with my co-workers and they pretty much said the same thing “does she need a job? We can find her something here!”

These type of callers always made my day at the call centers!

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