The repeat caller

I have another good one for you folks so buckle up here we go. I work for a major United States cell phone company in their customer service and escalations department.

Now the company I work for has implemented a new policy. If a customer is a frequent interaction customer (meaning they have contacted us more than three times in the last month) there immediately routed to the escalations department. It still comes in as a standard call and often times because they had to call in so frequently, they like to escalate the call on us, but they’re being routed to a more experienced rep.

M: thank you for calling this is SuperReekon, can I have your name please?

C: incoherent mumbling

M: hello? Is anyone there?

C: more incoherent mumbling

I asked if he is there at least twice more while pulling up his account based upon the phone number he was calling in from. he had the frequent interaction customer alert on his account, he only had a basic flip phone on it, and I’m showing since he started service with us last September, he has called in at least 7 times a day. most of the notes show that he calls and drunk and berates anyone he speaks to.

He still is not talking, so I start reading our scripting for when people don’t answer or the call comes in with no one on the line.

M: I am sorry, but I cannot hear you. I apologize for the inconvenience you can call customer service at-

C: I am here! You stupid piece of shit!

M: I am sorry sir, I did not hear you. Can I have your name please?

C: Customer.

M: okay mr. Customer, and how can I help today?

C: fix my fucking phone service!!!

M: well I’m more than happy to help. What exactly is going on?

C: are you fucking deaf? It doesn’t work!

M: well sir, I need a little bit more information specifically about what’s going on so that I can better assist.

The call goes back and forth like this for about 5 minutes. I haven’t even asked him any security questions or even what his phone number is. Only reason I have his account is he is calling in from the phone.

The call suddenly makes a weird turn. You no longer is berating me directly. he went on a 5 minute rant about how the last representative he spoke to was black, and how we “shouldn’t hire those types.” He then went on another 5 minute rant about how he had surgery on his jaw and because of which his tongue is a little bit longer and how the women tend to like that.

I sat in silence for about 10 minutes and then decided I couldn’t take it anymore.

M: sir, I am more than happy to help you get your phone working but I need a little bit more information. I would also ask that you refrain from speaking about our Representatives that way.

C: Fuck you. You N***** lover!

M: sir this is your final warning oh, if you can’t act like an adult on this call I will be forced to disconnect.

C: Fuck you! Fuck your mother! Fuck your-


now, I do want to point out that my company does not allow me to hang up on customers. the only time that were actually allowed to disconnect a call is if the customer says that they are recording us. Because of his abuse I wasn’t too worried about getting in trouble on hanging up on him.

The next day, the girl who sits two desks down from me (who is also in the same escalation queue) has me come over to her desk and look at an account. It’s the same guy. He called in 6 times after speaking to me the day before, and this is the second time he’s called in today.

I look at the notes, we’re immediately after me he got a representative with an African American sounding name, and kept calling her “brown sugar” until she disconnected the call.

I forwarded all the information I had to Senior Management to see if they could send him a cease-and-desist order.

After working for a call center like this, especially in escalations, nothing surprises me anymore.

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