Perv masturbates loudly and the rep documents it

So, I wasn’t sure I wanted to put this one here because I heard it second hand, but my last posts got a lot of responses and this was actually a pretty entertaining story. I have a feeling it deserves to be cross posted to r/MaliciousComplience for reasons that you’ll see soon enough.

Ok, satelite tv call center. In the course of my routine work, I came across an account with some very unusual notes on it. They were bizarre enough that I actually had to hit the mute button just to laugh at it. I recognized the name who left the notes so I figured I’d ask her about it when I got the chance. This is what she told me.

Once a week, all the teams have their own meeting where the leader talks about their stats and lets them know anything coming up or what to watch out for. This week, the leader was in a bad mood and told everyone they needed to document all calls better. Also, the leader had been hearing complaints about us hanging up the line too early, so the team was told to always have the customer end the call and ask for supervisor permission before we disconnected.

Fast forward to later that day. It started out as a routine call for adult pay per view, but once the rep had ordered it, the caller said “Wait on the line, I need to make sure of something.” Well, she had been told to not end calls prematurely, so, whatever; she figured she’d just wait a bit and make sure something isn’t wrong. Instead, he put his phone down while the porn was going and he was yelling and moaning, loudly. He was saying things like “Uungh! Mommy! Why is my dick so small!” or “Why can’t it be big like those guys on TV!” or “I wish I could be a faggot and take those big dicks up my ass!”

Of course, she had been told not to hang up on callers, even if she thought the call ended. She had also been told to document calls better. So, that was exactly what she did. She took exact quotes from the caller and put them in her notes.

Unfortunately, the audio voyeur wasn’t enough to get the lead to change that policy. They didn’t fix that until supervisors started getting swamped with people who were just asking to hang up on a dead line. However, this guy did get a bit, stickied note that, if he does call back and order porn, we have permission to end the call as soon as we finish that order.

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