Stealing sales from other departments

First time posting, long time reading, but this situation made me post it, sorry as it wasnt exactly phone call as almost all post are here, but need an advice.

First im working for one of isp/mobile phone operators at position in customer service(with inbound sales). Asshole was collegue from telesales. Some time ago we had simple note ”email on me” for saving sales for ourself but it wasnt unique for all departments so it was lot of stealing mostly from telesales, of our sales as we give them information and then they come and say we forwarded it to them as we are sales. Bullshit ofcourse.

Few months ago it was set up all departments need to write “email on me, follow up, service that is offered, date till it worths (up to 1 month)”

So finally im coming to actuall situation.

I recieved call from customer that wanted whole new packet, i said what is avalible and went to check for notes, saw one that didnt have follow up writen which is actually wrongly administrated and went to check with superiors and got a blessing to do it myself. Now, 2 weeks forward, had day off and my superior got mail from telesales agent which did a wrong administration superior that i stole the sales, if i was in mail and on job i would counter it with it wrongly administration, but my superior said it is wrongly administrsted and on first counter it admited and i got mail to send next sale back to that agent to return to her. Today as i saw all this i went to my superior and she said just let it go and return, to which i sent mail to that telesales agent and her superior that i wanted to see by which direction it administration was right and added copy of email that was rule for us how to prevent all stealing, so basicly wanted same from their side to prove it was right. That mail got ignored and sent to my superior, who called me and said this is done thing.

So my idea now is to send some low worthles sales to them and if they want same as i took from them to provide me with rule which they ignore to send as they arent right, but my superior said just ignore and dont send anything, but i want all clear, as i know im right.

What do you think, should i ignore my superior and proceed what is right as most superiors from our department would or to follow the superior

Tldr: stole wrongly administrated sales from other department and now my superior is unintrested in battle for sales to go for our department, and when i try to get it for myself my superior tells not to go behind her back

Sorry, writen from mobile and not english native language

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