So unprofessional!

A couple days ago, a guy called in demanding that I remote into his computer to show him how to italicize words in an email. I started to explain how he just needed to highlight the words and hit ctrl+i on his keyboard, but he started saying “just give me the pin number so you can log in!” Whatever, I remote in for super basic shit all the time, so I just go along with it. Once I’m in, I take control and start to show him how to end the session and explain our scan that runs automatically, which is something I have to do. He immediately started shrieking about how unprofessional I was for moving the mouse. I then let him take control so he could explain the extremely difficult concept of italicizing like 3 words in a few different sentences. Again, I explained the keyboard shortcuts for text formatting and he yells at me to tell him whether these words should be bold or italic because he doesn’t want to offend the person he’s talking to. I tell him italics look good, but if he wants to see how bold looks, he can highlight the words and hit ctrl+b. He then starts screaming “I asked a damn question and you’re not answering it! Tell me which looks better!” Not wanting to deal with this asshole anymore, I assure him several times that the italics look good. He keeps asking “is it better than the bold though?” I just kept repeating, “looks good to me” until he decided to shut up.

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