Your logic does not resemble my logic

I know I posted earlier, but this one is too good not to share. It’s a doozy.

I was temping at a call centre for a subscription company (a different one than my previous post) and I get a phone call from an irate woman. She was angry because her husband had bought her a gift subscription to something that she didn’t want. She’d received notification of the gift.

“I don’t want this. Don’t you people check to see if we want the gift?”

Let that sink in for a second. Her husband had paid for a gift subscription and we were supposed to ring her and tell her not only that her husband had done this, but to check with her to see if it was something she wanted?

I was pretty gobsmacked by this. I mean, isn’t the point of getting a gift like this that it remains a surprise? Or is that just too logical?

She kept screaming down the phone at me, demanding a refund. I had no idea what to do with this. One, her husband had paid for it, and two, it wasn’t really policy to refund for something that she didn’t want. How were we to know she didn’t want it? Oh, I guess she expected us to be trained psychics or something.

Her poor husband probably got an earful. Honestly, if that was the way she treated a stranger over the phone, I wondered how she treated the poor man.

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That kind of case? Sure let me put it though!

So unprofessional!