How dare you not give out my info and personal matters to anyone.

Long time lurker, first time poster! This happened yesterday, it is my second last day, I work in collections but I start my new job in a week. As most of you would know before giving out info over the phone you have to I.D check right? Apparently I’m wrong and so is the Government.

I was going about my usual afternoon tasks when , we will call him Bob called back in. Previously Bob was speaking to our newbie and I coached him through the last call. Bob was a pest. He refused to go through the most basic ID check (Full name, mobile number and add) so I knew I was in for a treat.

“Welcome to XYZ this is KisforKryptonite, how can I help you” “Put me through to Coworker” “Sure, just quickly could you confirm your full name, add is x suburb and the number you’ve called in on for identification”

Instead of providing me the information Bob instead went on a tangent for five minutes stating that I need to tell him why I’m calling him since it’s his matter. I did my usual ‘mhm, yep, mmm’ noises in the phone before he started running out of breath.

“If someone called you telling you, you are from xyz company and ask for details would you give them out?” It’s my time to shine.

“Actually Bob, I would especially since a Debt collector who has provided their company name and my details has called me. Most people have no issue with it, you give your details out to the bank right? What’s the problem?”

Bob proceeded to repeat his rant but I’d already gotten enough talk time out of him.

“Look, let me make this as clear as possible. You ID, I give you everything you need to know. You don’t ID I end this call now and stop going in circles. This process is Government mandated and enforced by the company. I’m not willing to lose my job because you don’t like ACCC guidelines. Do you understand? So are you confirming your details or am I ending it here?”

“……Send me a letter!”

“I’ll be ending the call. Have a fabulous day and call back in when you receive the next letter from us, that one will be important so keep an eye out for it.” Click.

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Just Rude

Rudest man I’ve dealt with, by far.