Rude Older Person

I work for a company that rents out moving trucks/equipment/storage. Just got off the phone with a super rude older man and thought I’d post the convo here. I will be me, and caller will be OP (older person).

Me: Thank you for calling [redacted], how may I help you?

OP: I just want to get some prices and sizes on your storage.

Me: Okay, what’s your phone number? (We have to get callers info before we can proceed to the area where we can get quotes and equipment info)

OP: I don’t know, it’s for my granddaughter.

Me: that’s fine, we can use your phone number.

OP: Well I just want to get a price.

Me: No problem, I just need your phone number so I can get the info for you.

OP: You can’t just give me a price?? (Rudely)

Me. Not off the top of my head, no.

OP: Well I just won’t consider you then and go somewhere else.

Me: Okay, have a nice day. -click-

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