Wrong company, lady!

I work for a real estate investment company. Many of our clients, for whatever reason, hold their investments in things like RRSP’s, TFSA’s etc. Since we don’t hold accounts, they need another company, a trustee, to hold the account. The trustee is the Registered Shareholder so they often have to issue instructions about how the shares should be registered. Due to our calls being recorded, clients have to listen to a recorded message (a couple of minutes long) before they reach us, which mentions the name of our company several times.

This happened today.

Me: Thank you for calling Company, my name is [Name], how can I help you? Cx: I have an RRSP with you people and I need to turn it into a RIFF. (This change has to be made when the client hits 71.) Me: Ok, ma’am, what’s the name of the company that holds your RRSP? Cx: It’s Trustee. Me: Ok, so you’re going to have to call Trustee and they can make that change for you. Cx: (Indignant.) Well, isn’t that who I called?! Me: No, ma’am, you called Company. Now, did you need a number for Trustee, or do you have one? Cx: (Still annoyed.) No, I have a toll-free number for them right in front of me. I end the call and think, Why the heck did you even call?!?!

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