Nokia 3210 and SIM-card

When I moved to the city where I live now, I had, as everyone else, a rent to pay and no job. So I took the first job available and that happened to be in a callcenter for a phone company. So here we are:

I see it everywhere, so I guess I have to do it too: First time poster, on mobile, English is my third language. Did I miss something? If I did, then it’s because I’m nervous.

We had all mobile phone types that were sold in our country at my work place. One of the normal calls we got on Saturday/Sunday mornings were all the same type: friends had fun on my phone, switched languages and now I can’t get it back to my own language. For some reason Arabic and Japanese were favourites – maybe because people couldn’t understand them the same way people could understand Latin alphabets. So we always got the same phone and went thru the same amount of clicks. Two clicks down, one click left and two more down etc. Voilà, we found the right language.

So Midsummer holidays are upon us and the whole country shut down at that time. (This was almost 20 years ago). It is pretty quiet at work but since I didn’t have other family than my boyfriend, I had promised I’d work and let someone else have a nice extended weekend with family. Plus it was a holiday so the pay was a little higher (which I didn’t know when I promised to work but also didn’t complain about when I found out).

I get a call and a younger sounding man (maybe 20-25 yo) was frantically asking where he could get a new SIM-card for his older Nokia 3210. Yes, the brick. The one you see in all pics about Nokia. I explain that it is impossible, the best I can do for him at the moment was transfer calls to someone else automatically so that people could get ahold of him anyway. We went back and forth for a while and then he sighed, said okey and was quiet a while. Then he said: I might as well tell you what happened. So he does:

His Nokia 3210 had a habit of turning itself on (when turned off) if it got hot. (To this I made a little sound, I was surprised). He says something like – yeah, that is the same reaction his friends had,so he decided to prove it to them. They were celebrating the Midsummer at a friends summer cottage and it was shitty weather so they had put on the gas oven and shoved the phone in. Booze was flowing and they forgot all about the phone. 3 hours later someone had an epiphany: THE PHONE! At 300 degrees Celcius and 3 hours in the oven – you can imagine what had happened. It was a melted piece of plastic and the only things left on the ovens rack (I think it’s called that) was whatever wasn’t plastic and the battery. The rest was either a melted heap on the bottom of the oven or still in strings hanging down from the rack.

To say I was speachless was an understatement. I managed to ask him if it was okey for me to tell my coworkers about this and he sighed and said – yeah, let them have a good laugh too. I managed, somehow, not to laugh untill the phonecall was over but after that I had to take a small break because I was laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes.

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