Corporate level complaint about a fart.

So I was evaluating this call yesterday and I was dying of laughter at my desk the whole time. I had to pause the call multiple times so I could collect myself. Here’s my recollection of how the conversation went (not verbatim but pretty close)

Cx=customer V=my advisor

V: Hi! Thanks for calling fruit company, how can I help today? Cx:I’d like to make a complaint about the _____ store in ______. V: I can definitely submit a complaint for you. What happened? Cx: so I was at that store with my boyfriend. We were sitting at the genius bar when this employee walked by and he farted. It was so unprofessional, he didn’t even say ‘excuse me’ or ‘sorry’ or anything, and it smelled really bad. So my boyfriend went up to the manager and said ‘hey that fatass over there just farted in front of us!’ The manager got upset because my boyfriend called the employee fatass but my boyfriend is fat too so that doesn’t matter. The manager just shrugged it off and said he’d talk to the guy.

So I approached another employee that was sitting there when it happened and I asked for another manager so I could make a complaint, and he laughed at me! This whole situation was just immature and unprofessional, I expected much better from fruit company employees.

Then I went up to the same manager my boyfriend talked to to tell him about the employee who laughed at me. He said he’d talk to them and he took both of them to the back. When they came back out, the first employee came near us and he farted AGAIN!

V: So the employee went to the back, he came back out and farted a second time?

Cx: Yes, this time it was on purpose. So that’s why I’m calling, to make a formal complaint about the employees at that store.

The case notes showed that she called back later and spoke with another advisor to add to the complaint. She said the manager called security on her and her boyfriend after they complained to the manager again.

I feel like this was a prank but this lady sounded dead serious. I would never be able to pull off a prank like this without laughing!

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