I want to talk to the CEO!

Oh gawd how many times have you heard that catchy phrase?

So I now work as a security guard and yesterday the nurses were swamped in the front office, so I helped by answering phones. I put on my “callcenter voice”. (I use to work call centers for 8 years). This lady says she wanted me to fax over her prescription to her pharmacy. I explained that I was a guard and she would need to speak with a nurse. Her reply “Well, I want to talk to the CEO of the hospital!” As nicely as I could say it, I said ” I am sorry mam, but the CEO isn’t here because it’s Sunday.” Just in time one of the nurses came by and took over the call. Come to find out, the hospital can’t just fax over prescriptions and this lady was being lazy and didn’t want to come to the hospital.

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A customer called me an angel for helping him

That time the customer actually did get to speak to the CEO.