A customer called me an angel for helping him

So I used to work for a callcenter that worked for Apple. (I’m not allowed to say I worked for Apple directly or I might get sued)

Anyway, I answered all kinds of question regarding Apple products.

One day I got a call from this gentleman who had bought himself some Airpods which he wanted to use with his Samsung phone but he just couldn’t get them to connect.

After telling him I’d do my best to help him I asked a few standard questions like if the Airpods were charged, if his phone’s Bluetooth connection was working with other devices and so on.

When this all seemed fine I suggested we’d try connection them by going though the steps together.

It turns out the Airpods had to lay in their case while connecting for the first time which he hadn’t done.

As soon as he did this everything worked and he was so happy he just kept tanking me and calling me an angel for helping him.

Especially when I offered to send him the article with instruction I used do he has it for in the future.

Weet and thankful people like him were what kept me going.

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