That time the customer actually did get to speak to the CEO.

u/fatskinnee posted that reminded me of a weird one.

So my company discontinued a (disaster) product that works by buying a base unit then refills – think soda stream.

We offered refunds to the public for a couple of months then ended the refund program, the team behind the product disbanded and the account paying for refunds was closed down.

A full 3 years later a Karen contacts us via email (this detail will be important) and says she pulled her base unit out of storage, couldn’t find refills and wanted a refund.

I informed her the refund process was long since ended and we couldn’t refund the $30 she spent years ago. She demands a manager who tells her the same thing, again via email. She tells us she’s going to the CEO, we laughed and didn’t respond.

A couple of days later the CEO contacts the GM of the call centre, forwarded an email from Karen and informed my GM to compensate her. The fuck? We’re a multinational company. How the hell did she get hold of the CEO?

Turns out it’s really not that hard. While she did initially email a generic enquiry address my reply comes from So does my managers reply. Gotta have that personal touch!

So Karen had looked up the CEOs name and just emailed him directly – While we all knew this email address existed the assumption was that there was an assistant or somesuch who actually used that address. Nope. It was indeed his actual email address he used on a daily basis.

She got her refund and sent a very smug thank you for – eventually – helping with a stern lecture about customer service. Thanks Karen, I’ll definitely take that feedback on.

Yes, we did edit our email system so replies come from a generic address and only 1st names are used now.

TL;DR – A Karen demands the CEO, actually managed to contact him and got her way.

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