Happy old gentlemen

Normally I have angry old customers but this one was a nice old man. Story goes he double funded his account on accident and understood it was his problem. I helped him solve his problem because I am his bank.

Me: Thank you for calling bank this is Daniel, who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

Nice guy: My name is Nice, I have a problem and a account number.

Me: Pulls up account How can I help you today sir?

Nice guy: I guess I wasn’t thinking last night because I made two of the same transfer and I don’t think you can fix it with out a fee.

Me: Do you have a smart phone with our mobile app sir?

Nice guy: Yes but I hate technology.

(I sat on the phone for a hour with this guy teaching him how to use a smartphone)

Nice guy: I found it and now I can find any ATM!

Me: That is good, I am glad I can help you sir.

Nice guy: Hey get me your manager Daniel I need to tell him to let you have the day off WITH PAY!

(I get the manager)

Manager: This is the manager speaking.

Nice guy: You know your worker Daniel is a great guy. He just taught me how to use my smartphone, I like him very much.

Manager: Daniel is one of our best tech guys, he went to school for this.

Nice guy: I request that he takes the rest of the day off with pay.

Manager: I will see about that sir, Daniel looks eger to get back to work.

Nice guy: Thank you sir, I will always keep banking with you because I trust you.

Customer disconnect

I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks. Unfortunately I didn’t get the day off but I did go to bed knowing I didn’t make a mistake going to trade school and spending $6,000.

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