Boring tale of boring call

Nothing too fancy back when I worked tech support for a cable internet company had one guy call to get the DNS, and other information provided to the modem via the dhcp server of course the phone number he gave didn’t pull up a internet account. Simple for me just transferred to local which handles the billing for the company, as with most outsourcing wasn’t allowed to say I knew he was trying to get past actually paying for the internet service though he might of had cable tv service.

Another caller called to complained his neighbor who he is convinced is a tech for the company was repeatedly stealing his service seeing as a company truck was over there once a week, be pointless for the tech to steal it since they get the basic service free so the company can advertise all the employees in their service areas use the service.

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I hate being graded by customer surveys because it gives bad customers (who are often in the wrong) control over your job performance