I hate being graded by customer surveys because it gives bad customers (who are often in the wrong) control over your job performance

I work at a financial call center for a major bank. One thing I hate the most about our job is the fact that we are graded on customer satisfaction. Back when I was a temp call center agent at other places (this is my first full time permanent call center job), they didn’t do this. You were just graded by the company’s internal quality department to make sure you were adhering to policy and regulation. With this job, you are graded by the internal quality department AND by customer surveys (the idiots who are upset because you can’t make something happen even though you’re just a customer service agent who makes $20 an hour or because you won’t do something for them even though they were clearly in the wrong).

I got two bad surveys this month. One came from a chick upset because I told her she would get a finance charge because she didn’t pay her payment in full the month before.

“WELL MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO. I DO NOT WANT TO BE CALLING IN EVER AGAIN ABOUT A FINANCE CHARGE. IT’S YOUR FAULT (it’s totally not our fault…we offer a hundred different ways to make payments) I DIDN’T GET MY STATEMENT.”

Me – “Your bill was $1,000.00 due on 6/20/2019. You paid $100 that day. Yes, you may have paid it off completely today on 7/25/2019 but, that’s roughly 30 days you were building interest and they will put that on the next statement.”

“MAKE IT GO AWAY. ITS ALL BULLSHIT. YOU’RE TELLING ME BULLSHIT. YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. YOU JUST WON’T (we can’t. her statement literally will not generate until her closing date and that’s when the finance charge will come on as its been programmed by the bank to do plus, she was late. she can call back at that time and request a waiver like everyone else).

The next guy was upset because he made the payment to the wrong card and it takes 5-7 days to move the payment back over to the right card account. He expected to have all his fees and finance charges removed. Again. His error. We allowed him to use the card to make purchases and he was late paying/made an error in paying. Company policy is that the payment has to be on the account for there to be any attempts at waiving fees/charges. His account was severely past due and our system will auto reject any attempts at waiving fees if you are past due…..thus, the policy of the payment having to be on the account.

Him – “I HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR 30 ODD YEARS AND YOU CAN’T HELP ME. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU. THE MOMENT THIS CARD IS PAID OFF, I AM GOING TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. I AM DONE WITH YOUR COMPANY.” (this guy was literally told the same thing that me and my teammates have told the other 3,000 people who have been in his situation this year. after your payment has moved back to the right account and your account is back to current and not past due, THEN, we can see if we can remove fees, which again, is a COURTESY, NOT A RIGHT).

Lastly, today there was a guy who had 14 freaking late fees and finance charges removed from his account in the last 8 months. I have never seen that many fees be removed from anyone’s account. It’s customary for us to allow 3-4 fees to be removed in a year before we tell customers no. I told the customer he had upwards of 14 fees removed since January 2019. It seems he called in that day and demanded all fees from the previous months to be waived which put him immediately into the “do not waive anything else” category as he had received almost $700 back in total. And yet, here he was, again, asking for another late fee removal.

Him – “I’M A GOOD CUSTOMER (not being eligible for fee returns literally means you are a net zero/negative earning customer for the bank). I HAVE A LOT OF MONEY WITH THE BANK. YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU WANT. YOU JUST DON’T WANT TO DO IT. IT’S FINE. I WILL CALL CORPORATE TOMORROW AND GET THEM TO CALL IN TO DO IT. GOOD DAY. (he likely means he will call his banker or go into the branch to speak with a banker but, if i ever talked to a branch banker who expected their client to get another fee waiver after being given back 14 fees I would tell him no and dare him to ask to put my manager on the line who i have seen personally dismantle people over and over again who thought would get their way after asking for a supervisor when i’m the nicest person they are going to speak with as customer service reps are trained to happy and nice whereas managers could care less and will call out your bullshit).

I hate companies that operate by a survey system. I truly do. Because there’s a good chance the third guy will give me a bad survey….because I wouldn’t reverse his 15th fee this year. Ridiculous. Thankfully I’m at 95% for the month but, all it takes is 1-2 bad surveys to knock you back down to 90% or 88%.

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