Don’t want to pay a bill for a service you clearly wanted? Have fun in collections!

Just had this gem about 40 minutes ago. So for context, I work for a lawn care company. Like most companies, we sell our products in a package. So this guy, who I’m going to refer to as DG (dumb guy), called in today to ask why he was being billed $75 from earlier this year. The call went as followed (of course, I’m shortening it to avoid the redundancy).

Me: This is lawn care, my name is me, how can I help you?

DG: Hi yes, I’m just trying to figure out why I’m still getting billed for what I already paid for. I cancelled services and I thought everything was settled.

Me: No problem, let me just get your account info and look into this. Okay sir, I see that we actually came to your house two separate times. Once on April 9, and again once on April 18. We fertilized and that is what you paid for, and then I see that you called in on April 16 to have your weed treatment rushed out, so we came on April 18 to get it sprayed. We came at 3:03 pm. You cancelled with us later that day, and as the service was already completed, you will still be owing for it.

DG: no that’s not true. You never came a second time. I canceled because I decided to just rip my lawn up and start fresh with new sod! You guys never showed up a second time and that’s why I canceled! I’m not going to be paying for a false bill. Why would I want services to keep going when I am paying $3000 for a new lawn?

(Keep in mind: we track our service trucks by gps, we keep logs of date, time, and location down to the second, and any changes made in the actual account are also saved by date and time as soon as they’re made.)

Me: Sir, I understand where you are coming from, but here at lawn care we keep exact date and time records of when any services are done or records in our program are changed. According to my notes, you requested ASAP service on the 16th, and we came within two days. We finished the service at 3:03pm, and you called in and the cancellation was made at 4:34Pm the same day. There will be nothing I can do about the charge as you had specifically requested we put you on priority, and you did not cancel until after the service was completed.

DG: That’s impossible. I paid right after the guy came the first time. I canceled because nobody showed up and I was going to just redo my lawn. I’m not paying for this, this is the last call or contact you will have from me….

Me: okay sir, just to let you know that how we handle non payments is that we send you to a collections agency. Your bill is $75, are you sure you don’t want to just pay instead of hurting your credit?

DG (sounding quite flustered): Okay! That doesn’t even affect me- I will- you guys- just shut up. I’m not paying! Click

So, I wrote in my notes what transpired. To me it sounds like this guy is trying to get away with a free weed treatment. Seriously, he spent 3 thousand on renovating his lawn (which, according to the guys that came out, was not necessary. We won’t service a lawn if it needs to be resodded. So this guy chose to spend $3k instead of 300?) and he’s hung up on $75 for a service he requested to be prioritized over others.

Just know, what is above is summarized and although he wasn’t yelling, I seriously can’t convey his condescending tone over text. I went in circles with this guy for a few minutes and just had to keep rewording what I had already said, and repeating the time logs we have and notes I have on file. Dude was seriously bent about this bill. So I guess collections wil have to deal with him!

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