You are double charging me!

Escalation Supervisor for a department store credit card. I had a 45 minute mind-numbing conversation yesterday, and I was only saved because the line disconnected, and it was “too late” for me to be allowed to call her back. (After 8pm in their time zone.) The conversation was just a circle, but here was more or less the point and I’ll try to keep it super abridged.

Karen: I received a bill today and I don’t understand. I already paid for this on my receipt.

Me: Yes ma’am, your receipt would show that you swiped your Store credit card to charge the purchase. Since it’s a credit card, we now require a minimum payment for it.

Karen: Yes exactly, I paid for it with my card. Why did you send me a bill?

Me: (I’m really tired and confused) Did you make a payment at the store the same day? I do not see a separate transaction.

Karen: I paid for it! I gave you the receipt information! You are double charging me! (She gave me the charge receipt info only.)

Me: Ms. Whatever, this is not a debit card, it is a credit card. We need a payment by (date,) or else your account will be charged a late fee, and subsequent interest. I’m very sorry that there is such confusion, but what I’m telling you is true.

Karen: This is MY money! (She repeated that phrase like 30 times throughout…)

Me: … (I honestly just died at one point and didn’t know what else to say, I had already explained it in far more detail to her as well as if she was five years old.)

Karen: (very rude and triumphant tone) Hold on, let me get my husband and you explain it to him.

She proceeded to get her husband, and he also didn’t understand. I got tag teamed by their circle-talking stupidity with me on speakerphone for about 15 minutes. The call cut off shortly after that, and I took an extra break.

TL;DR: Woman doesn’t understand she has to pay back a credit card, it’s HER money. These people are killing my call times and may lose me my job because of it. My job is absolutely magical.

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