Are you always looking at our queue?

Background: I work in my companies Workforce department which handles the call volume for our large call center, I have full access to all of the different departments but technically I only should access my own.

My VP asked me for a ticket number for an ongoing tech issue that was going on which I didn’t have so I called over to our Tech Center to get it. After being on hold for 20 minutes and no one was answering; so I pulled up their WF queues to see who was on the phone so maybe I could just message them.

3 people are logged in
Hold time 22 minutes
2 people holding (me and someone else)
1 agent has been on personal code for 25 minutes (Lets call Bob)
1 agent has been in training code for 5832 minutes (Lets call Chad)
1 agent has been in system issues for 63 minutes (Lets call Steve)


1 person holding (me) the other person gave up, it’s now been 27 minutes when it finally rings, I see the person that has been on personal code (Bob) is going active

Bob: Thank you for calling Tech Support this is Bob how can I help you?

Me: Hi Bob, this is Red I have a few questions and I am hoping you can help. First I show that Chad has been in training for 5832 minutes or 97 hours is he coming back any time soon?

Bob: umm.. huh?

Me: Oh sorry, this is Red in Workforce.. I can see everyone that is logged in and I see that Chad has been in training for 4 solid days. Are they coming back?

Bob: How can you see that?

Me: I’m in charge of all things skilling, and I can see who is in the queue. Like you were in the personal code for 27 minutes leaving zero agents to answer the phone. What about Steve, is he okay? I show he has been in system issues for 67 minutes now.

Bob: Chad has been off for a few days and Steve is at lunch

Me: Okay, so I am going to remote log Chad off and will take a screenshot of this and send it to Steve’s manager that he is in the wrong code. (I already took a screenshot when Bob was in personal code for 27 minutes which is a 5-minute code, max)

Bob: Okay.. thanks…..

Me: My other question is can I please have ticket……… (Explain situation gets ticket number)

Bob: Can I ask you a question?

Me: Sure

Bob: Are you always looking at our queue?

Me: I can bring it up anytime

Bob: Oh

Me: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Bob: No

Me: Okay, I hope you have a good day

Bob: Thanks?

Remember I’m the one who called. Why am I using the closing?

I told my boss about the call the next day and he was very happy I took screenshots and was able to use them in his monthly meeting with IT to show that when we say we can’t get a hold of IT, WE CAN’T GET A HOLD OF IT.

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