I will sue YOU even though I’ve never met you

I’m sure a lot of you have had this. Pissed of customer saying that they have a legal team that is going to sue the company (good luck with that), asks to speak someone who isn’t in my department, I advise that he is the wrong section of the company and he LOSES IT.

“I’m going to sue you!” “Where do you work? Well you’re going to have to pay for flights to me so I can sue you. “

In the end I get tired of his shit, told him I’m transferring him to the correct department and to grits teeth have a good day.

I had only been in this job for a month, so that was fun, plus I have no money whatsoever, let alone to be able to fly wherever he wanted to me to.

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"But I pay his bills, why can’t I do this?"

You are double charging me!