The infamous man who called every night requesting nudes

I worked night shift in a credit card call center and last year we actually had someone get banned from calling into the company ever again and can only do email or regular snail mail to us.

The reason being is around the same time every night about an hour before midnight he would call in EXCESSIVELY, if he got a male rep he would immediatly hang up. But if he got a female rep you could easily hear porn in the background and his poor attempts at dirty talk and asking every female for nudes. At one point one night he managed to get every girl that was closing in my department.

The bullshit is we cant hang up. We have to request that they keep it professional or try and de-escalate the situation. And at that time of night we only had Team Leaders and coaches taking supervisor calls, one coach and one TL.

After about a month of this he was finally banned. But at night we still get some pretty creepy callers.

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