First call of the day today…

I clock in and go into ready. One minute later I get an international call. Now, these calls have a whole different set of rules than regular calls, and I’m only trained as a backup…so I’ve maybe only taken a total of 25 international calls before. I already know this is going to be fun.

The lady starts off by requesting to be transferred to a specific person, which I’m unable to do. I advise that I can help her, I just need to authenticate. “I don’t have that information! Just transfer me!!” Okay, great, I love this caller already (/s).

Lady eventually gives me correct info and then I ask how I can help. Her response? “Ugh, this is stupid! This is why I wanted to be transferred, because you obviously don’t know and I don’t have the patience to explain all this.”

Save me…

She then went on to explain that she wanted to change her address for the delivery to another country, and since she was expected to receive her items on a certain date, we couldn’t change the address. Oh, she was not happy with that at all.

“I got the same items from another company and they allowed me! Your company is horrible. I think you should resign from such a horrible place. I don’t think I’ll receive my items, and if not YOU’LL be involved personally in my lawsuit!!!!”

And then she hung up.

Only 9 more hours to go…

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