The importance of CBR

A story to remind everyone the importance of the “Can Be Reached” numbers, basically that 1 second yes that gives us the power to call you back if we disconnect by mistake or if you request it within a reasonable criteria.

Call comes in, I can see its a transfer since the number on the recorder shows one of our extensions, no problem. M is for Me, AD is for angry dude.

Me and AD exchange info during my greeting, I can tell he`s angry but trying to hold back or maybe just tired after a long day, i get the account, the passcode, so good so far.

M: One last question, is XXXX the best contact number so we can reach you by phone or text with informa…

AD: Listen dude, im reaaally tired, ive been on the phone for more than 3 hours and i just want this to get fixed, ive been telling all of you from all of this different departments that no, i dont want you to reach me back nor do i want to update my contact information so can we just get over with this already?

M: Sure no problem sir i will just mark down that you denied concent to be reached back.

Call goes as usual from this point on but it is really a big issue with some BOGO credits being duplicated on one bill and being missing for a couple of them to then get duplicated again, can be fixed, but takes time, AD keeps getting more and more upset due to the time is taking, at some point he hit the 4 hours on the line in his phone and the call drops, for those who dont know many, if not all cellphones have a security feature that drops any call you have once you hit 3 or 4 hours (Depending on the phone) to avoid the battery from suffering any defect (I also believe the cell provider will do it as well to prevent you from spending all your voice limits without knowing, if anyone knows for sure please let me know)

I let it go and thank life itself i was able to be done with it, ya know, no CBR, no call, so im done with him.

A couple days later i recieve a message from a friend in another office who tells me that guy called in to complain about me not calling him back even if it was clear the call dropped by mistake, and a copy of his notes stating “Informed customer since he denied CBR concent, prev. rep. was unable to call him back, advised to grant CBR concent for future needs, Cx hung up, EOC.”

Lesson: If we ask you the same questions over and over again and its clearly a part of our script, you should think the reason why is that so.

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