"Seeing as I’ve given you my advice and you’ve decided to go against it, is there anything else I can help you with"

I work for an insurance company in the debt department, basically dealing with defaulted accounts most of the time. As you can imagine I get some interesting callers.

I had one today who called me irate because his bank returned the payment saying there weren’t enough funds and he demanded I tell him why.

“I think that’s a question you are better asking your bank, I can only tell you the bank returned the payment to us indicating there weren’t enough funds in the account”

“No I want you to tell me.”

“Think about it, how can I tell you why your bank returned the payment. I don’t work for your bank. I don’t have access to your account information. There is no way of me to know why.”

After going round and round in circles like this the customer asks me to set up the payment to be attempted again ASAP.

I told the customer I wouldn’t recommend this because if the next payment attempt returns it will default their payment plan, meaning they have to pay out the rest of the insurance and can’t go on monthly payments for a year.

I suggested if there is a known issue with their bank returning payments when they have the funds, they probably want to get that resolved first, as they had until 10th July before we would tap again.

Nope. Customer was insistent and told me he doesn’t care about the consequences if the next payment returns.

“Seeing as I’ve given you my advice on how to resolve this today and you decided to ignore it, is there anything else I can help you with?”

The call ends.

Sometimes, you just can’t help stupid.

I’m eagerly awaiting the call next week when his payment returns again and he goes ballistic because he has lost his monthly payment priveleges.

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