Sure, we’re useless

I work for a major tech retailer/support company. A while ago, a woman called in a panic because her broadband internet wasn’t connecting, and she mentioned that she had recently moved to Costa Rica. I walked her through literally every step available in my knowledge base plus some off the top of my head, and it still didn’t work. She demanded that I remote into her computer to fix her internet. I told her that we can only set up remote sessions through our website, so she’d have to be able to connect. After stating this obvious fact, she lost it. She just started screaming, “so you’re fucking useless then? I’m paying for a worthless service? Why are you wasting my time?” I told her, “we’re based in the U.S. and don’t have agents available in Costa Rica. For most services, we can remote in and fix your computer, but you need to be able to connect to the internet for remote sessions. Normally, I would recommend an in-home appointment but we do not operate in your location. ” Naturally, this led to a 10 to 20 minute rant about how the company and I are absolutely fucking worthless and how we’re forcing her to waste international call time. It was absolutely not her fault that she was demanding services that are very obviously not available in her country and she had no possible way of knowing that our tech support plans don’t include international airfare for the agents.

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