"But I pay his bills, why can’t I do this?"

I work for a utility company as a customer service rep and we get quite the variety of people that call us. One particular lady called today to ask for an address to be activated in a different customer’s name.

The conversation goes as follows(M = me, L= lady)

L: (After pulling up Mr. X’s account) I want this address activated for Mr. X on on date.

M: Ma’am you can’t simply start a billable service in someone else’s name without authorization. I do not show you listed as able to make changes on his account. Would you be able to get him on the line for a one time verbal authorization?

L: Is there anything else I can give you to get this taken care of and set up this address for Mr. X? I need this activated as soon as possible and he is out of the country.

M: You need to have him on the line to give that authorization or add you to the account through our website or over the phone. Until that happens, I cannot change his account.

L: But, I suppose you wouldn’t understand this, I pay his bills for him. He doesn’t actually pay his own bills, so he doesn’t have a way for me to be added on your website.

M: I understand that ma’am but without authorization, I cannot change this account. I’m sorry but either he joins this call and authorizes you or I am not able to make these changes today, unless you would like to activate that service in your name.

L: Ok (hangs up)

The absolute disdain of her voice just rubbed me the wrong way. I hate it when rich people (or those who pay their bills) think they can just circumvent standard procedure because you have a ton of money. Plus, how am I supposed to know if you pay his bills or not? For all I know, you could be his crappy second cousin who’s trying to mooch off of Mr. X by lying to everyone that you “pay his bills”. Don’t get snarky with me cause I refuse to break the rules.

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