Strangest, yet the most worth while call I’ve had.

Okay, I’ve only been working at a call center for a month, and half of that was training. At my specific call center, it’s a work-from-home position where I basically take calls for a bunch of other companies and take calls from their customers. This is my first call center job and I’ve only worked here for a month and boy do I have a tale for you. So there’s an American fast-food chain that uses our services, and most of the time I get calls for complaints. But this time, someone called because they had ALREADY complained and haven’t been reimbursed yet. Now, I know what you’re thinking, but he was not angry at ALL. I tried to transfer him to a company supervisor (not MY supervisor), but they were unavailable so I offered to take a message. Now this is when it starts to get weird. I take his message an everything and then he asks me if he can ask me a personal question. I say sure, and he asks if I’m married. I tell him the truth without really thinking, and I tell him I was, but am now divorced. This man, Brother K (he is a priest of some sort), tells me I sound like a, and I quote, “woman who can make any man very happy”. Now I was flattered. A little creeped out too, but mostly flattered. So then he continues for a couple minutes… then 5 minutes… then 10 minutes… then 15 minutes. This man went on for a whole 18 minutes about how I need to find myself a “nice guy”, stay away from “bad boys”, and find someone who wants to have the same future as me (i.e. kids). This man went on for almost 20 whole minutes about how I need to find myself a good man and accept kindness from both sides of the relationship. He gave me his number and told me to call him with my boyfriend so he could teach us how to build a lasting, healthy relationship. It was both wholesome and an excellent waste of 20 minutes.

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