A very emotional and therapeutic call

(Firstly sorry for formatting, I’m on mobile)I work for a car insurance company as customer service. Part of my job is to process changes for customers, for all but 3 states, which includes asking the age, relationship etc regarding drivers. Customer called in to add adult son and his vehicle, in the the course of that she ended up having to add his wife and their teenage son. Whenever a person makes changes I go the extra step and confirm the existing drivers, vehicles, coverages etc. During that I mentioned a driver, let’s call her Ashley, customer says oh no, she no longer here. We have to ask if they still live there or drive any vehicles, she responded very calmly that no, she doesn’t because she’s dead. So I looked at dob and she was only 18, so I offer condolences. And for some reason she starts telling me that she committed suicide in their hunting lodge and her 19 year old son found her. Again she’s eeriely calm, so I ask what has been going on in the daughters life. Cus replied that she had bipolar and had just been diagnosed. That’s when she got emotional, because she’s says she was so confused, that she didn’t understand bipolar and why it would make her daughter that depressed. At this point I’m silently crying, because I’m bipolar 2, and have attempted suicide several times when I was younger. I asked Cus if Ashley had a doctor or therapist that could help her understand the illness, she said the therapist is focused on her working through grief. So I just started sharing my experiences with her. The call ended up 58:15 minutes, the last 28:15 went over the end of my shift. And all of her business was finished before the 8th minute. However I didn’t feel bad because customer was so grateful for somebody to talk about her daughter and also understand that it wasn’t her fault that Ashley committed suicide. I also have her some websites to go to and advised maybe finding a good therapist. I hate sometimes that we connect so deeply on a call and can’t stay in touch. I prayed for her and her family, and I really hope they come through this stronger and closer together.

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Strangest, yet the most worth while call I’ve had.

short memory? (gets what she wants but forgot she wanted it?)