Simple mistake, happy ending

Originally due to sleepiness and medication I accidentally posted this in /r/TalesFromTheCustomer. Moved it here where it should have been posted originally.

So usual day on the phone, usual call from an irate customer.

IC = irate customer

Me = Captain obvious

Here we go!

ME: Thank you for calling Cellular Phone Company, This is BeigeAlmighty, how can I help?

IC: You can tell me why I got charged a bill for $65 on my credit card when I haven’t even opened my phone yet. I am waiting for my son to come home to set it up for me so there is no way I could have a bill that fucking high! What the fuck did you thieves charge me $65 for.

Me: The phone you bought.

moment of total silence

IC: My … phone …

another moment of silence

Irate customer spent twice as much time apologizing as she did ripping me a new one at the start of the call. She really was a nice lady, but a bit along in years and forgot what the phone had cost.

Wish all our irate customers were that easy to please and willing to apologize.

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