800 calls in 5 hours

My buddy was getting collection calls for a cell phone debt his wife supposedly owed. She had a monthly plan for $30 or $40 or whatever it was, and there were supposed to be no surprises. This was six years ago, and there were surprises. She owed an extra $40 one month. Stopped service. Anyway, 6 years later that debt has apparently ballooned to $450 and a collection agency starts calling. My buddy tells them to pound sand.

This is Nova Scotia and a collector can call once a day. But this collector would have a robocaller call an additional 2 or 3 times and when you answered there’d be dead air for 20 seconds then a dialtone. Harrasment.

He *69’d the hangup calls and called them back.

Woman answers. You need to stop calling me and hanging up. She says, I’m not calling you.

Him: I just got a call from your number and I’m returning it.

Her: Would you like to live up to your responsibilities *his first name*?

Him: Why are you calling my number and hanging up?

Her: I’m not calling your number *his first name*.

Him: Your company is. Is it okay if I call you?


Anyway my friend is disabled and sits much of the day at a desk with a computer, keyboard, mouse and a desk phone. A desk phone is a landline attached to a giant phone where you don’t even have to pick up the phone. They’re about 25 years old and they’re fucking great when you when you want redial a number, listen to the pickup, wait for the hangup, then redial.

The amazing thing with this company was a live agent answered every call. He made about 800 calls in 5 hours until he got someone who finally just said stop. We’ll take you out of our autocalls.

And they did.

My friend was disappointed because he wanted to fuck with them a few more days.

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