“We actually fixed your issue 15 minutes ago.”

I work in a call center for a Credit Card Company. This is a very large company that partners with over 29 brands for the cards.

This newer customer calls in late one night and is livid that he had to wait 20 minutes to talk to a fraud rep. That would be me. I apologize and saw that his wife had tried to call in to activate her card and they were locked out on their web log in due to failing the security questions. I explained this to the customer and advised I would need to verify his identity to make sure I was releasing the account and cards for the true customer and not a fraudster. He really got mad at this, but quick told me to get on with it.

I began my required intro to the questions to advise it was 3 – 4 multiple choice questions and he cut me off and told me to get on with it again. All this time still ranting about the hold time.

After asking 3 questions and the questionnaire was complete, he began to complain about the questions and stating I was interrogating him, asking if I had 10 more questions to ask. And advised that if he would have allowed me to speak that he would have heard that it was 3-4 questions. This lights his fire again about the hold time.

Well come to find out that during the questions it asked about professional licenses and careers and he answered he is a Doctor. OH MY. This made the conversation so much better. I began explaining that it is like when he has a waiting room full of patients and he is with a patient that needs a little extra time…. This really pissed him off. How dare I compare my lowly call center job to his Doctor career.

He wanted to file a formal complaint about the 20-minute hold time and that he was inconvenienced with waiting for 20 minutes to get someone to answer. And demanded a manager call back. So, I began the complaint form and asked about a call back number and he started going off about what good is this complaint going to do him and why would he need a call back. I just advised him that he requested it and I had to file it as requested. He then stated that after 20 minutes hold this call was taking forever.

I calmly explained that our actual call of the issue was over 15 minutes ago and that the remainder of the call has been his complaint. I then told him that this type of call was why we had 20 plus minute hold times and he hung up.

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