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A new wave came in a couple of weeks ago and they just started making calls this week. The newbie that ended up next to me is SO loud. When they started I moved (back) to an isle next to the wall because there’s less people on that side, so a little bit less noise (it’s outbound calls so they have lots of “down” time). Well, I used to have both spaces next to me empty, left and right (there was a “karen” two stations away from mine, but I think she was fired), so the newbies that couldn’t get a spot where everyone else is had to sit next to me.

Well this person is super excited with the job and working very proficiently actually. I wouldn’t mind them at all if they leveled it down. They’re super nice to the people they call all the time, and I haven’t really interacted with them (they sneezed and I blessed them twice but they -I’d like to think- didn’t hear me) cuz all I want to tell them is how loud they are. I’m afraid they will feel offended if I point it out. I don’t know why I care, I would yell at everybody to shut up all the time when I’d be trying to work, but I guess it’s because I don’t know them, and they’re actually working, not just fooling around with everyone else.

I’m usually nice with new people, I know I can tell them without being rude. And I know I sound super lonely, I am, a little bit. I just don’t feel like interacting with anyone anymore (besides the people that I call). I also blame this cold, making me feel so shitty. Anyways, what are your stories with weird/annoying workmates? I know this is not the only place that feels like high school…

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