Half the size of a USB

Yesterday I took a call from an older lady who had brought a USB hub from us after talking with a coworker to find out what product she needed.

She was upset that we had would get a USB hub with a USB at the end of the cable. Said that all the USB ports on her computer were already being used and there was no where to plug it in. Que me asking her to unplug one of the USBs from the computer,plug the hub in and then reconnect the original USB.

GL “NO that’s not what it’s for. I want a USB hub with a connector that’s half the size of a USB to go in the other port on my computer”

ME “Ok, I can find something that will work. What type of port is it?”

GL “I don’t know, it’s small, half the size of a USB”

ME “Can you please be more specific ma’am? I need to know what type of port you will be plugging it into and there are quite a few types that are that size”

GL “I DONT KNOW! There’s only one that it could be. It’s half the size of a normal USB”

ME “Ok, what type of computer do you have then? I might be able to look at the specifications online.”

GL “I don’t know. It’s a XXX brand. I don’t know any more than that”

I was eventually able to find the computer she had, which only has USB ports and an SD card slot. Not sure what port she wanted to plug her USB hub into. Conversation ended with her saying that she would go and buy what she wanted somewhere else.

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