Ill never know how the wellness check went

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I worked at a call center for 2 years for a major credit card, wont say the name but i will say that they have some pretty funny commercials.

A few months into my new night shift i get this…extremely weird but terrifying call. At this point im used to drunk people calling in, but it was so unsettling i immediatly asked for a TL to listen in.

It starts off me giving my intro and asking his first and last name. He responds as though he doesnt even remember his name, confused at first.

I asked how can i help and then he just blew up. He started panickly saying he needs help, but then goes into a tangent of how theres no help for military and first responders in this country and starts panicking about a major fire going on at the time. Suddenly he starts screaming about how the country cant help, and he then goes quiet and starts crying. I havent said a word as im lost as all hell.

Through his tears he starts yelling about the life he wants. How he cant get a girlfriend, how he just wants to settle down, how everyone hates him, i still havent been able to say anything as he just continued nonstop.

After about 8 minutes of this i can finally get a word in, i reassure him that life isnt so bad, im a military wife and i understand what he means about no help and all that.

He then says “thats nice. But right now i just want to blow my brains out. Thanks for listening”

Immediatly my TL is requesting a wellness check as they had been listening in since the call started, but the guy hung up without me being able to say another word.

Looking into his call history he had been calling at least once a week hysterical about asking for help like what he said to me, but had never mentioned suicide ideations as there wasnt any records of a TL reviewing the account.

My TL let me go home early that night. I still think about it a lot. I hope hes ok.

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