How I almost got fired by giving an unauthorized person access to a customers house

So I work as 1st line tech support for a private alarm company, and this happened back when I was fresh out of training and just ready to handle calls on my own. This is also my first job and I’m only after a year getting accustomed to a work environment.

A woman called in and asked how she could get access to a system in her phone app. She had the correct codeword (security word we need to talk about the system), but didn’t have any user rights to administrate the system, and didn’t even have her own alarm code. She was listed as a contact person in case of an alarm, and me being dumb was distracted because I was sending memes to a colleague through the work chat.

Basically I said something along the lines of: “Oh, uh.. I can grant you, let’s say admin rights”

So I sent her an admin invite and she was super nice and happy, and I forgot all about that call since I can get up to 50+ calls a day.

Some time passes, maybe a week, and I get a message from my boss one day, just saying “You can log out when your done with your current call.”. I logged out and see him coming over with the department manager, and she just says, you can follow me.

At this point I’m scared shitless, not knowing what’s coming, and we sit down in a meeting room, when she asks if I remember talking to the customer. I immediately get a vietnam flashback and start panicking internally.

What happened was that this woman was the customer’s ex-wife, and she changed all codes, passwords, emails, login-accounts – everything. They also had an electronic doorlock connected to the alarm, which she also changed codes on, and locked herself inside.

Apparently she trashed his entire house, destroyed everything she could find, stole valuables, and I was lucky she didn’t touch the alarm (probably knowing it would set off otherwise).

The customer came home later and they had a giant fight, and he called in a couple days ago, absolutely furious when he found out that we had granted her admin access to the system. He got a couple months free of charge, and was surprisingly satisfied with that.

But I got told off really bad, that the VP of the company was notified, and that the only reason they let me stay was because I was new. Got a written warning, and that was mostly that, so I got off the hook rather easy, but unfortunately my pants didn’t.

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