I work customer service for a psychic hotline

So I just wanted to share the craziest thing I’ve ever heard ever

It wasn’t my call, it was a slow night and only a few of us were working, the guy sitting to my left a few rows away was the only one taking a call at the time

I assume he needed someone to know how ridiculous the call he was on was, so he turns to me and proceeded to speak to the caller

“Yes, yes of course sir, of course we have psychics that can tell you if the soul of the chicken you ate is inhabiting your body”

This of course is when I fall out of my seat dying of laughter

Once he was off the call I got some follow up, apparently it was his pet chicken, who then died, so he decided the best thing to do was to then eat him.

These are the things that they don’t prepare you for

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I never stayed after closing to clear the queue.

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