Can you please charge me? (Awesome Caller)

So around 3-4 years ago, I was still working for a telco client in Australia. We usually handle billing and very minimal tech. Being that it has been quite some time, I definitely forgot his name but for story telling purposes, I am going to call him Dave.

So basically, Dave calls in a slow afternoon. He told me his internet does not work. Our LOB is mainly dealing with Mobile services billling. But since transfer rate is one of our key metrics, we are allowed to do very minor troubleshooting. So I just checked if his service got shaped on the system. While I was doing so, I had him restart the router. When I found out his was not shaped at all, his internet started working once I had him power cycle it.

Problem solved, he thanked me and asked the mandatory “is there anything else I can help you with?”

Here’s the fun part. He told me yes, there is one. Dave thought it was a billing issue and checked his monthly internet bill. He said there was something unusual with it. He says he has been charged $0 AUD for the current month. I did check the preview and it said: Previous Bill: 0.000 ; Current Bill: 0.000.

Now, this is highly unusual. I asked him if he had service last month, and he said yes. So I placed the call on hold and I see that more than half a year ago, he was never charged for his internet service. Literally $0 for more than a year. He said he never bother to check his bill since it was on auto-debit.

Now, I gave him 2 choices. I say I can have this escalated to fix the billing issue, or turn a blind eye to this and will not report it so that he gets charged for it. He picked the latter choice, in my mind, this guy is awesome. And not only that, he kind of wants to pay for his free internet since the time it got bugged. Normally on a daily basis I get b***holes demanding credit even though its their fault. Must have been over $1,000 AUD if we were to charge him. Being that the amount is too high, I asked our team leader if its allowed to charge someone for that reason. He said that no, we cant do that if the fault is on our end.

So I tell Dave about this, he is somewhat bummed that he doesnt get to pay his 1year+ free internet. I thanked him and also stated something that I am pretty much suprised that he picked the chose to be charged moving forward and was willing to pay the free service he had. Dave was happy and chill all throughout the call. Sadly I had to transfer Dave to Tier 2 and will not get survey for it.

TLDR: Customer’s bill got bugged more than a year ago, was getting free internet, wants to be charged moving forward and wants to pay more than $1000 for the incorrect billing.

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