“I thought you would hold my number.”

I work for a cell phone company. Guy calls in and says “ I just started this account with you and heard I could still get my number with another company”.

I said yes and that I would need certain information to put in the request. I asked first, are you still using that number with the other company. He responded with yes.

When I start asking for all the information he says “uh I don’t have that”. I offered to call that company and conference them in so we could get what we needed. We called and gave his number. Rep responses with “ are you sure that’s the number” I asked the customer while on the line with the other company. “ just to confirm @@@-@@@-@@@@ is your number correct” he says yes.

Rep says that the number is not with them anymore . I ask the customer when was the last time he used the phone. His response “ well , 4 months ago when I went to prison. I thought cause if you’re in prison that you guys just hold the number.” Rep said “you never paid for service” customer said “ I know. I was in prison. I thought you guys would know that and hold my number “. 😡😡😡

WTH waste of a 45 minute call.

What do you think?

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