Some people have no hearts

Long time lurker and wanted to share a really upsetting circumstance I am currently in and I cannot stop thinking about it.

I work for a company where people open up their homes for travellers to stay in. Sometimes we have property managers who have multiple places for people to stay in. This was such a case.

I pull a support ticket and it’s a property company. These are usually shit tickets to get anyway as they never score you but whatever, seems easy.

One of their guests had to cancel and they didn’t agree to the refund and were never contacted regarding offering a refund and do not under any circumstances agree to the refund. This was for a trip worth $10000. Fine, I will look into it.

The guest had an extenuating circumstance as she was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put into care as she was so unwell. And most likely having to live out the remaining days of her life here. Judging by the amount of additional guests, I have reason to believe this vacation was one last party to celebrate her life.

I kindly let the company know that as this is an extenuating circumstance that we cannot offer credit to match the cancellation as documentation was provided.

Their reply just made me really upset and lose faith in people and companies in general.

“Aja, I don’t think you understand, we are losing $10000 here. Surely you can provide credit here”

Nope. Nope. Nope! I of course cannot go into detail with the company regarding the guests situation but my gosh!! I will be reporting this to my manager as they are pushing back on their credit and getting advice on how to proceed. The company makes $2000-$3000 per reservation easily so this is not much of a loss for them.

It’s all I can think of today. How money means more to people than basic humanity. Sorry this is a rant but surely if a guest had a circumstance where they were unable to travel, you would accept this? But for this company it’s an issue.

I just don’t understand tbh.

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