Ah, here we go again.

A month or so ago I posted the story on what took me to quit my job as a call centre supervisor for a large telecom company ( this is just an update on what has happened since.

As a little TL;DR of my first post, i quit mainly due to the fact i was selected to get a promotion from supervisor to manager, then was removed from the list and i basically got no promotion. I also mentioned getting another job but i ended up not staying at my new job as it was not quite my thing.

Im just chilling watching some Netflix waiting to see if any company I applied for calls me after I sent 20 or so resumes, i get a call from this young lady telling me if i had the chance to speak to one of the area managers at my previous job who i was friend`s with, after telling her no I have not spoke to her she tells me I`m being considered for a managment position (same company but instead of the usa side i would be working for my home country side of the company, it turns out that area manager I was friends with as well as a manager I was also friends with are now director and area manager respectively for the home country center) Knowing that this two amazing women would not let me down or mess with my time I decide to take a blind shot and comply with everything Im asked to begin, i sent my documentation, and took a moment to message my friend I`ll call “Rose” the now Area Manager, she explains me that they needed managers in an urgent matter and that since she knew how i worked and thought i would be a great candidate she thought of placing my name on the proposals and spoke to my other friend the now director about allowing me to get back if i was selected, I thanked her, asked questions regarding pay, vacation, social security, etc.

My interview was a week ago, i just got notice from HR, I was selected, now i just need to wait for a background check to be run and my information to be updated on the system and i will get started, got the job i was hoping for during my first run on the company and was denied, when asked by friends or family i tell them I got promoted, i was “Just taking a long unpaid vacation”

So… yup, i can tell im in an “Ah shit, here we go again” situation, but knowing both the director and the area manager I will be working for and the way the handle things im sure i might have a long term job right now for a pay way beyond what i was expecting for considering my age, i will keep posting stories that come to my mind from my first run at the company as well as sharing any interesting new stories i get from now on.

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