random stories from the bank.

Just a couple of stories from my time working in a contact center for a bank.

🔺Had someone call me saying he was racially discriminated against because the physical bank banned him and had him arrested for threatening to shoot Up the bank. I apologize to him and told him there wasn’t anything I can do other than filing a complaint(he was waiting for his money), he then threatened to shoot up the bank.

🔺Had multiple customers call multiple times saying things like “I need to dispute a fraudulent charge I made” and “I want to file a dispute for a fraudulent charge, I put my card information in and said they could charge me but I didn’t know they’d charge full price.”

🔺I had a girl in her early 20s call and said, verbatim, “I know I overdrafted my account but I don’t know why I was charged an overdraft fee.”

🔺I had an older lady called asking for the number for her local DMV, told her I would not be able to provide it because I am not part of a local DMV. She then asked me if I could transfer her to her local DMV, apologized to and told her that was not how our phone system works.

🔺 I had a lady call one night, she flatly tells me her son had just died due to a car crash that happened a few hours prior. She says she doesn’t know her son’s banking information, she is not on his account, and “he can’t talk to you because he’s dead.” She then asks me if I can transfer all of her sons money from his multiple checking and savings accounts to her personal bank account for another bank. Tell her no, bring death certificate to branch. SIDE NOTE: This call FUCKED ME UP, honestly she talked so cold about her kid being dead. I had to go to break early that night.

🔺I had some guy call because he ordered an escort but cancelled it, however it still showed up as pending. We couldn’t delete the pending status because we were waiting for the escort service to refund him. He was pissed because he was mad his wife would see. Fast forward two hours, his wife calls (super slow night). His wife asks about the charge because she says she didn’t do it, she asked if the charge occurred in her husbands card and I let her know the charge occurred on her husbands card. Then I hear her start screaming at her husband in the background, she says “thanks” and then hangs up.

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