Why cant give me cell phone coverage 100% of the time???

So, while I’m waiting to get on my flight, I thought I would share a story from a customer I had last night before I left early for vacation.

The call came in pretty garbled and was about cell phone service. Since my department t doesnt cover cell service, I ended up transferring her, so it was a pretty short call.

Here goes.

The call came in (incidentally, it was one of my last calls for the night, and I was super ready to leave), and immediately, she comes in incredibly garbled. Shes on a cell phone, and had poor service. Okay, good to know.

She finally moves to a spot where I can hear her better, and I ask her how I may help her.

“I dont understand, why YOUR COMPANY, cant give me cell coverage 100% of the time. I am paying over $100 a month for my service, why dont I have cell bars 100% of the time?!?!”

I try to explain to her how cell phone towers work, and even with the most cell tower coverage available, there are still dead spots in the country. Turns out, she lives right outside one of these dead zones.

“You better fix this, or else I’m cancelling ALL of my service!”

So, I transferred her to our cell service, told the next agent what was going on before the transfer (he laughed pretty hard), and told her to ha e a nice day.

Like, I get being upset about it, but do you honestly expect a company to spend god knows how much money to build a cell tower just for your $100 a month?

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"My modem is giving me legs veins!"

Even though this happened at work this story is NSFW