"My modem is giving me legs veins!"

Oh yeah, you read that right. That’s what a customer called about, complaining to me. Conversation what about as followed:

Me: Thank you for calling CELL PHONE TECH SUPPORT (I didnt tell this, just trying to emphasize the stupidity of this customer) how may I help.

C: hi I just need help with my modem.

Me: No problem. I’ll do what I can, but we focus on cell phones here. What’s going on?

C: Its giving me veins on my legs and giving me migraines.

Me: …. Wait what? (I really said this too) What do you mean its giving you veins?

C: Yeah veins. Before I bought this device, I couldnt see the veins in my legs. Now I can see the veins and I have headaches.

Me: …I mean there’s nothing i can do for that.

C: Well they told me to call you.

Me: who told you to call us?

C: The people who provide my internet.

Me: You’re ISP told you to contact your cell phone provider because you can see your veins in your legs after buying a modem?

C: Correct. (Shes super serious too)

Me: Theres nothing I can do about that.

C: What do you mean. (I hate that question)

Me: I mean I do tech support for cells phones. Modems is out of my scope of support. The most I can have you do is turn it off and turn it back on.

C: Oh good idea I’ll try that!! *click

Me: …. what the actual fuck just happened?!?!

I wish I could make that up. But I’m just not creative enough. This really happened. I want to know what goes through people’s minds like this.

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